Local London Honey

We have 3 hives based in a Meade between Tooting and Mitcham South London.

Our honey is taken straight from our hives into the jars, it is unfiltered and 100% pure honey.

This is why I became so passionate about bees, honey and the whole ethos behind why we should be saving bees.

I started taking honey to clear my hay fever and allergies that I had when the flowers started to blossom.

I suffered very bad hay fever with swollen eyes, runny nose and even had an asthma pump to help me through the long days.

I then started researching about cures or preventative medicines and I have tried so many things- all the GP prescriptions, over the counter drugs over cleaning the house nothing was calming my symptoms. And then I met someone local who gave me a jar of honey and he explained the benefits of having a spoon of honey in the morning and at night, I was extremely sceptical but by now I would try anything to stop my hay fever!

From February 2017 I started taking what was advised and without realising I had no symptoms I only realised when a group of friends who were suffering from hay fever mentioned they had it bad that year, and I could not believe that I felt completely fine – I then did some research online and spoke to other beekeepers and through their help, this is where my journey began and I started to do a course on beekeeping and then became a beekeeper and started with 1 hive to 3 hives, 2years later.

Now our honey is sold throughout London and even South East England.

We are so pleased that the honey has had a genuine impact and helped people who suffered like myself. Our clients of all ages enjoy their honey either eaten raw, spread on their food, used in cooking or a teaspoon in their tea.

We do deliver local and can post honey, candles and honeycombs to your location.